Holiday specials

Dec 1, 2016

All of our holiday specials are under the specials tab to check out. Please feel free to call if there any issues with booking online.

Reception hours

Feel free to call after 2:30 to book. If someone does not answer please leave a message. We will usually answer up to 9 pm.

 7:15 to 2:30 pm Mon-Fri

8 am to 5 pm on Sat

Sundays are available when they are booked before Friday please.

Booking hours

Mon-Friday 7:15 am to 8 pm 

Sat 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

New Exciting Changes

Sept 1, 2016

We have MOVED! Come see our new location:
NEW ADDRESS: 435 Nissan Blvd Suite 403 (building complex next to the Ace Hardware build complex)
New Booking System:
We will no longer be using this Booker website for scheduling...please see link above for online booking and gift certificate sales.

Sharon, after 10 great years as owner is glad to announce Rachel as the new owner.

Rachel is welcoming her husband Jess into the new location for computer services therefore a name change is in order!
We are now:     RELAX & REPAIR     or     R&R for short

This change will allow Sharon to get back to what she loves best: working on clients! She has been fully healed from her broken wrist for almost 2 years now but running the business still took so much time that she couldn't massage as much as she would have liked so now she can! 

NEW SERVICES!!!​ We now have an aromatherapist on board offering an array of Holistic Services.

 Also new is our "Spa Therapeutic Massage" where the client is treated to a customized massage to smooth away aches and pains then afterwards we apply biofreeze or willow balm on the back, do compression, and apply hot towels. At the end of the session we apply hot towels and compression to the face.

We introduced these during Christmas but we also have new Reflexology Sessions on hands/feet and Peppermint Foot Massage (30 minute session massaging each foot with peppermint oil)

We Thank You for your understanding in this process as we change our prices.

Changes at NHMT

Jan 1, 2016

As many of you have noticed we have gone through some changes here at Natural Health Massage Therapy. One change has been that each therapist has chosen a room and has decorated it to their own personality.  This allows for each of us to work in an environment that will aide in your healing. Second change is that some therapists are now running  payments through their own card readers.  This is due to changes in the structure of the business to allow more income to each therapist. Third change is some old faces returning and new faces coming. Juan Benabides (2yrs ago) has returned to Smyrna from Franklin to work with us again. We will be introducing 2 more over the next month that will bring wonderful new talents to NHMT. Fourth change you will begin to see a "rebranding" of NHMT, we have closed the hair and nails portion of our Spa (allowing for a 2nd Couples massage room). Over the next few months we will be introducing our new logo, banner, brochures, and cards that the students at Trevecca University have been working really hard on since Aug. This was a great opportunity for them to get "real life" experience in their marketing and graphic design fields. Our tagline "Massage for a Healthier Body" is changing to "Massage is not just a Treat, it's a Treatment." Our goal with this new branding is to help clients realize the health benefits of massage as well as it's feel good aspect. The fifth change is our New Website! We really like it and hope you will too.

Massage For The Holidays

Oct 31, 2015

The holidays are here and this time of year is all about giving, making other people’s holiday wishes come true, and selflessness. But what about you? What have you done for yourself lately? Certainly it wouldn’t hurt to treat yourself while you are out taking care of everyone else. These are the top 4 reasons to get yourself a massage this holiday season.

- Stress: This is the most stressful time of year for the average person. Your shopping list is two miles long, your in-laws are in town, and you’re out of time! Take 60 min. and let someone else release your stress-fighting hormones while you forget about your to-do list.

- It’s cold: When the temperature drops, muscles get tight. It happens every year. The warm loose muscles of the summer months are long gone and achy backs/hips/knees have arrived. Let a massage therapist warm up those muscles and joints to help relieve your pain.

- You’re doing too much: You haven’t stopped moving, you’re carrying heavy bags, putting up lights, carrying boxes out of the attic space, cleaning your house, etc. Your body isn’t used to standing while baking cookies for 10 hours, or spending a day on a ladder putting up your lights. You’re bound to get some kinks along the way. Massage therapy can help you recover faster.

- It’s not a luxury anymore: If I have said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times- Massage is no longer considered a luxury, but rather an effective treatment for many medical conditions. Help prevent further injury and dysfunction by having a professional clinical massage therapist work on you today.

Hopefully this helps you realize that you need to take care of yourself too this holiday season. Besides, if you don’t stay healthy, who is going to make sure your family has the perfect holiday season?!

Smyrna Massage Therapy for Neck Pain

July 31, 2015

The age of the cell phones and computers is here and weighing heavily on our posture. I am sure you have seen the info-graphics of what being on the phone and computer so regularly is doing to our necks and backs. It may not seem like a big deal, but our posture is an extremely big part of our overall health and the way we feel on a daily basis. Incorrect posture is caused by incorrect muscle memory that keeps our bone structure out of line. This misalignment of bones and joints can cause the organs of the body to become smashed and thus compromised in their function. In addition, headaches, pains etc can begin to occur, affecting the mental state and ability to perform day to day tasks.

Top Ways to Promote Proper Posture and Reverse the Affects of Cell Phones and Computers on Your Body

1) Massage Therapy in Smyrna, TN
Massage therapy is great for aiding the muscles in getting back to the proper muscle memory. This means that the default setting for the muscles will ideally be in the proper posture. This can take time, so consistency is the key. Instead of getting 1-6 massages for something that hurts, then not coming back until something else hurts. It is better to get one massage every 2-6 weeks over the course of a year depending on how often your budget can do. Get your body back to healthy today by going to Natural Health Massage Therapy and Spa today!

2) Chiropractors in Nashville and Smyrna
Chiropractors can be extremely helpful in recovering from affects of cell phone and computer posture damage. Paired with massage therapy and stretching at home, the affects can be even more beneficial. After returning the muscle memory with massage, you then need to see a chiropractor to return the bones to their correct state.

3) Proper Pillow Choice
Think about how much time you spend with your head on your pillow. It is many hours of your life! Because of this and the affect that the wrong pillow can have on your neck, it is important to find the pillow that is perfect for your specific needs. One aspect to consider is if you are a back, side or stomach sleeper. These positions are very different and require a different pillow for full and proper support of the neck.

4) Stretching
Proper stretching does not take a lot of time and can be done anywhere. The best stretch we have found is a simple head turn. This helps keep the range of motion for the neck as well as postural correct muscle memory. Simply use your hand on the opposite side of your chin to guide your head towards the direction of that arm keeping your chin parallel with your shoulder for three times in a row. Then take the other hand and do other side. Another great neck stretch is basically making a double chin and pushing your head back to lengthen the back of the neck and keep the neck in the proper position.


April 15, 2015

Our Team
Sharon Holt, Rachel (Garner) Holt, Shelly O'Byrne, Kasie Dunning, Devin Guidry, Juan Benabides (added back Jan 2015), Michelle Williams (Ionic Foot Bath), and our Esthetician Alisa Taylor.

- Sharon Holt -- LMT: Sharon has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since February 2003. She started at Gold's Gym in Murfreesboro, TN. From there she went to a hair salon called Shear Image for 1 year. Sharon then found a massage/spa atmosphere at Knead for Wholeness and stayed there for 2 1/2 years until she decided to start out on her own. In October 2006, she started with Natural Health as the head therapist and business manager then soon took over as owner. Sharon is trained in PreNatal, Muscle Release, Hot Stones, Myofascial Release, Stretching, Craniosacral, and is a Reiki Master. Sharon has studied Fibromyalgia, DVT, STDs, Diabetes and many other conditions so that her knowledge is expanded to massage anyone who walks through the doors. In 2012 She broke her wrist but has recently fully recovered. Sharon also has many amazing therapists below who can do a great job, it just takes finding the right fit for you.

- Rachel Garner -- LMT: I am a graduate of High Tech Institute in Nashville, TN. I received my license in February 2009. Throughout school I volunteered for many events including the Country Music Marathon, Titan’s games, Grand Opening for NHMT, Halloween in the park, Stewartsboro Elementary fall festival, as well as going to people’s homes for massage. I enjoy giving Pre-Natal, Hot Stone, Reiki (I am a Reiki Master), Lomi Lomi, and Cupping massage. If you have never tried cupping therapy, it is technique that has been used for about 5000 years. I use glass cups to pull toxins through the skin and release knots and tension in muscles. (Not to mention it feels great) Cupping is not a common therapy, and if you are interested in trying something new, give me a call. (Added Oct 2015---Myo-skeletal alignment therapy)

- Shelly O'Byrne -- LMT: Licensed for 4 years, I love being able to help others reach a level of pain management that they might otherwise not reach. Massage is my passion and caring for others is my goal so I don't like to focus on the spa therapies as much as the healing therapies.

-Kasie Dunning -- LMT:  I received my license in 2010 from GCI in Murfreesboro, TN with a Diploma in Massage Therapy and then went back to teach massage there to pass on the knowledge given to me. I hold certifications in CPR, Deep Tissue massage. I choose this line of work because people in this world today need a healing hand in their lives to alleviate any pain or discomfort that comes from their daily activities. There are several different types of massage that I prefer to practice including: Stretching, Myofacial, PreNatal, Deep Tissue massage, Hot Stone Massage, Swedish, Lymphatic, and trigger point therapy. In the future I plan to expand my knowledge in all aspects of massage therapy. I've worked several events around Rutherford County doing chair massage. I just recently completed my training in Neuromuscular Massage so if you need firm pressure -- I'm here for you! I work Mon-Sat 7:30am-3pm but I can stay later on some nights if needed, just ask.

- Devin Guidry -- LMT: Excited to work at Natural Health and I want to help others relax and get well. Life in this day and age can be hectic and over stressful. Often we  overlook our health for more selfless follies. Through the therapy of massage and my intuitive touch, I can help you to unwind your mind and get your body back to feeling rejuvenated and to its peak. I am a careful listener and natural helper. 

-Juan Benabides -- LMT: (added back Jan 2015) I am a healer.  God uses everyone all in different areas accordingly. Each client is a canvas made of different textures and shapes I am simply painting away my hands are the brushes. Beginning my career at NHMT was wonderful. I left for 2 years to work at a big spa in Franklin but never really felt like it was home. I'm excited to be able to apply my skills as a healer again.

More About Massage

Jan 31, 2015

Massage Therapy is a profession in which the practitioner applies manual techniques with the intention of positively affecting the health and well being of a client. Massage not only treats the problem area but positively affects your metabolism, circulatory, muscular, and nervous systems. Specific problems that massage can help: Migraines, Arthritis, Neck & Shoulder tension, Low back pain, Tendonitis/Bursitis, Fibromyalgia, Plantar Fasciitis, Respiratory & Circulatory problems.

We give special discounts to students, military, police, firefighters and EMS. Please bring your picture ID.

The Story Behind NHMT

Aug 1, 2014

Started in October of 2006 on South Lowry Street across from Team Chevrolet, Natural Health Massage Therapy has come a long way. It got started in a very small room inside a computer repair shop, moved to a larger room in at same shop.

Then when Sharon, the current owner, bought it in July 2008 she move NHMT to a bigger establishment located at 507 Enon Springs Rd, East. There NHMT had 3 massage rooms, a shower room, and a bigger lobby.

In Aug, 2011 NHMT moved to 301 Wolverine Trail Suite 103  and added Spa to it's name with 6 massage rooms, shower, spa room, and a salon with 1 hair station and 1 nail station including a separate waiting room and reception area.

In 2014, Alisa an esthetician came on board to offer makeup, facials, and waxing.


8AM - 3PM M-F  with our   Appt Hours as:  M-F 8am-8pm,  Sat 8am-5pm, Sun 11am-5pm    (615) 785-2024

Formerly      Natural Health Massage Therapy

Relax& Repair