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Computer build and repair services

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Custom Computers

A custom computer is a computer built around your needs. A typical custom PC costs about the same as a big brand computer. Computers are not all made the same. Big brand computers will use what the component manufactures will give them at the time for the cheapest price. Custom computers are put together with the best parts available at the time for your budget. Custom computers will have long lasting mosfets, machined heat sinks, long lasting welds, and higher-end chip controllers.  A typical, cheap big brand computer, in my 16 year experience, lasts 2-6 years on average. This holds true if you compare it to the big brands leasing options, they give corporate companies 2-4 year contracts. Where as a custom computer will easily last 6+ years. Most custom computers I have built out last the software. For example, if I made something when Windows XP first came out (Oct 25, 2001), it would have handled Vista (Nov 30, 2006) and even Windows 7 (July 22, 2009) but at the age of Windows 10 (September 30, 2014) it has become too old to upgrade after 13 years, but still works and can be passed down to the kids for homework.

Media Center Computers

Tired of sitting at the desk to work or surf the web? If you want to record your TV shows on to the computer or play solitaire on your big screen you can. Media center PC will allow you to get rid of the DVR you’re renting from your cable provider for $10-20+ a month. There is a lot of customization when it comes to media center PC’s from just recording shows or having one that does it all (games, recording shows, and storage), so setting up and getting things how you want them will take time.  It will be worth it though

Business’s and Networking

Custom computers are great for small businesses. If something with the computer fails, then replacement parts are typically half or a third of the price it would cost you with the big brand computers. If you bought into their warranty program, you’re probably looking at being able to buy a computer every year for the cost of that service. If you don’t have a computer problem for 2-3 years that’s money that could have been put back into in your business or brought back to your customers. What I can do is come into your business and assess what you have what you want to accomplish, and make suggestions that might improve your situation. I will try to make everything as hassle free and maintenance free as possible when we are done so you can focus on running your business. Most installs and setups can be done overnight or several nights depending on the situation.

Is your computer is sick?          FREE to check it out.

 virus / malware / spyware/ Registry                                                            $45

 hardware problem, (parts extra)                                                                    $25
**No up-charging on parts needed**                                                                           

Completely custom built computers (parts extra)                                      $100
**No up-charging on parts**                                                 

   In-home visits travel fee within 10 miles of our office                           $25

 In-home visit troubleshooting not related to virus or hardware.             $30 hr


Some of our other services include

Setup and installs                                                                       Media center PCs

    Data backup                                                                                   Computer upgrades

                    Home networking                                                                         Small business networking 

                   Windows upgrade or install                                                     Slow computer, no problem

Small business custom build and setup of computers and networking to fit your business needs